Category: Juniors

Lowering Scores with K-PLAYER Biofeedback Training: An Early Junior Golf Case Study

My wife and I are the parents of “Player Number One.” Our daughter is the first junior golfer to have complete access at home to the new K-VEST biofeedback training that is in K-VEST 7.0 and K-PLAYER. This has enabled…

Consistency: Questions, Challenges, Solutions

by Tim Suzor The Importance of Consistency As a PGA Teaching Professional for 20+ years, I hear this most often at the beginning of every lesson: “Tim… if I could just be more consistent, I’d play great.” Let’s take a look…

Taking Junior Golf Instruction to New Levels

by Joseph DiChiara One of the strongest emerging niches in the golf industry today is junior golf instruction. Juniors are the future of our sport, and it is critically important that we take responsibility for mastering and sharing the knowledge…


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