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Lowering Scores with K-PLAYER Biofeedback Training: An Early Junior Golf Case Study

My wife and I are the parents of “Player Number One.” Our daughter is the first junior golfer to have complete access at home to the new K-VEST biofeedback training that is in K-VEST 7.0 and K-PLAYER. This has enabled…

The Business Model That Solves Your Biggest Problem

By Cordie Walker Our Dependency on Time K-VEST When we talk with the best instructors and coaches in the world, it quickly becomes apparent that the biggest problem they have in their businesses is time. 90% of their revenue is directly…

K-PLAYER – Enlighten and Prosper

An Introduction to K-PLAYER by Steve Pelletier “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  – Ben Franklin I recently came across this Ben Franklin quote and it made me smile. One of the great things about my job as…

How I A.C.T. – Changing Body Orientations to Improve Club Delivery

By Don Parsons, PGA Case Study From time to time, other professionals will ask me to take a look at a player’s data and give my opinion on what I see and how I would proceed. This is such a…


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