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K-VEST Measure, Assess, Coach and, Train

K-VEST is for you if you want to measure and assess athletes as well as to coach and train them. It combines the biofeedback training of K-PLAYER with advanced biomechanical measurement and assessment tools. With K-VEST, a professional can measure an athlete's full kinematic sequence to receive positional data, assess that data to create truly customized programs for the client, coach those programs, and then train them to perfection.  

K-VEST is a complete "learning loop" designed for golf coaches, movement and fitness professionals, and medical professionals, empowering them to build athletic skills, abilities, and health. 

K-VEST can also be linked to K-PLAYER, so you can send programs built in K-VEST to be trained in a K-PLAYER, creating a complete tool "ecosystem" and an expanded business model that leads to superior results.

K-PLAYER Coach and Train

K-PLAYER is for you if you want to build or become a better athlete. K-PLAYER places easy-to-use auditory and visual biofeedback in your hands that accelerates learning and allows for more advanced skill acquisition. It also empowers professionals to get superior results in fitness and medical situations. It is literally a whole new way to coach and train your way to superior performance.

What the Industry Is Saying

"I have been a K-VEST user for nearly a decade, and I was absolutely blown away by the quality, stability, and reliability of the new product from the moment I opened the box."

Liam Mucklow

2014 PGA Canada Teacher of the Year

"K-VEST is an excellent way for TPI professionals to easily measure the kinematic sequence and improve swing efficiency through real-time biofeedback."

Dr. Greg Rose

Co-Founder | Titleist Performance Institute

"K-VEST provides biofeedback that allows the golfer to learn from a kinesthetic or feel system creating a great learning environment. The result is vastly improved golf swings and happy clients."

Jane Frost

LPGA Teaching Professional

"There is nothing worse than a great exercise performed incorrectly. With biofeedback training, I know that my clients will perform the exercise exactly the way I intended it to be performed."

Jason Glass

Head of TPI Fitness Advisory Board

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