3D-Measurement, Coaching And Training Technology Platform That Helps Batters Improve Their Hitting

I think the one (technology) I’m most excited about right now is K-Baseball. 



- Andy McKay

Seattle Mariners

How To Use K-Baseball

While wearing four wireless, military-grade, inertial sensors, the player simply hits balls during live batting practice, off a tee or even during a game. The sensors stream 3D-motion data in real time to a tablet computer, on which the K-Baseball software assesses the player’s motion and creates easy-to-understand reports and graphs that explain how the hitter swings. You also can compare the hitter’s swing to pro ranges to better understand the hitter in the context of the best players in the world. The reports demonstrate the player’s strengths and weaknesses, so you use patented biofeedback to both identify and correct mechanical issues and limitations.





The player hits pitches, and K-Baseball auto-captures the swings

3D-measurement reports enable the coach to understand both the strengths and weaknesses in the player’s hitting motion

Patented biofeedback trains the player to hit better with both customizable and professional ranges

See K-Baseball In Action

Swing Animation

K-Baseball's 3-D motion capture technology enables players and coaches to step through swings in slow motion from every angle. In addition, data from wearable sensors allow coaches to visualize exact body angles and posture throughout a player's swing.

Performance Graph

K-Baseball's swing performance graph gives coaches insight into how efficiently a player is transferring energy from the ground up over the course of his/her swing. Using data from the performance graph, K-Baseball is also able to automatically detect and label swing events like heel-strike, first move, and contact.

In-depth Performance Graph

K-Baseball's swing performance graph highlights how different body segments accelerate and decelerate over the course of a player's swing. This sequence of accelerations and decelerations is called the kinematic sequence. Each player's kinematic sequence is unique and the K-Baseball performance graph helps coaches find areas for improvement. 


K-Baseball's easy-to-digest swing report helps coaches and players understand how the player's swing compares to pro-level swings. With the K-Baseball swing report coaches will be able to easily target specific swing deficiencies in a data-driven way.

The goal of any hitting coach is to maximize player output. K-Baseball allows me to objectively measure where player efficiencies and inefficiencies lie in real time and also help us understand if the inefficiencies are actual swing errors or underlying phyiso issues.



- Justin Stone

Chicago Cubs

Peak Speeds

The K-Baseball swing report compares the peak angular velocity of each of the player's body segments (pelvis, torso, upper arm, and hand) with pro-level speed ranges. With this information coaches can better tailor training regimens to build up strength in a specific body segment. 

Speed Gain

Speed Gain is a K-Baseball metric that calculates how efficiently a player is transferring energy between his/her upper half and lower half. The K-Baseball swing report compares a player's Speed Gain with a pro-level Speed Gain range calculated from hundreds of pro-level swings. With this information coaches gain insight into energy transfer throughout a swing.


K-Baseball's patented biofeedback training allows coaches to easily create drills specifically created to address each player's needs. The combination of audio and visual feedback is a proven and powerful coaching tool for teaching swing mechanics. 

Real-Time Biofeedback

With just a few clicks, coaches can easily set up personalized drills for their players. K-Baseball's real-time biofeedback allows coaches to teach new swing mechanics on-the-fly instead of interrupting training to watch and critique video.

Understanding how the segments of the body interact with one another is critical when coaching hitters. The movement happens so fast that our eyes can deceive us, and thats why K-Baseball is so valuable. K-Baseball gives us objective kinematic data that we can then use to make our hitters better.


- Jason Ochart


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K-COACH delivers results. Next generation biomechanical measurement and feedback help train your hitter’s body for optimal performance. For the first time in baseball technology...

Whether it was the hitter's alignment at address, spine movement during the swing, or their hip movement throughout the pattern, K-Baseball was not only giving me all the measurable’s, but it was also guiding the coach-player relationship on what happens next. The biofeedback from K-Baseball is a game-changer.



- Donnie Ecker

Los Angels Angels

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