The Ultimate Coaching Platform for Golf

K-COACH answers these questions with golf’s only learning loop embedded in software, which now:

  • Connects the player to the ball
  • Trains the player's best swing
  • And links the coach to the player

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The Ultimate Coaching Platform For Golf…

How does K-COACH connect the player to the ball?

With K-COACH, you can now apply the same set of measurement and coaching tools to wrist angles that K-MOTION made famous for the body in K-VEST.

With the introduction of launch monitor integration, you can finally answer the question: why do the club and ball do what they do?

K-COACH links the body to the ball through wrist angles and launch monitors to take golf coaching to a whole new level.

How does K-COACH train to a player’s best swing?

The process is both revolutionary and simple: you simply auto-capture a group of swings, pick the best one and let K-COACH’s automated swing fitting feature convert that swing into a dynamic training program. Our patented visual and audio cues then ensure the program is executed perfectly.

How K-Coach Connects the Coach to the Player?

In K-COACH, you measure a player, understand that player, and then coach and train that player. And then what? With our new cloud-based solution you simply send the training program to K-PLAYER and then your player trains exactly as you want on-site or remotely. It’s perfect practice like you’re there watching every swing.





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