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“I’ve spent a lot of money on lessons over my career. My problem with lessons was that I get a lot of information but struggled as soon as the pro wasn’t there watching. K-PLAYER takes all the guess work out of my practice sessions and helps me groove my motion. If my house was on fire, I would grab my K-PLAYER before anything else.”

"A top club fitter told me to get a swing before he would fit me. After using K-PLAYER with a fitness coach for 8 months, I went back to see the club fitter. He took another look at my swing and told me I was the most improved adult he had seen. My swing’s better, my handicap is lower and the game is a lot more satisfying. I learned basic movement patterns, athletic skills, built fitness and learned to hit clubs and putt better with K-Player."

- Steve

- Adam

Scottsdale, Arizona

Handicap Index went from 4.6 to +2.1

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Handicap Index from 23 to 11

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With K-PLAYER you have the ability to practice perfectly with every swing you make.  And that’s going to massively accelerate your learning process.

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