Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs


No more guessing — you can really understand the 3D graphs so you can really help your players and get the maximum out of your 3D system. No more guessing. No more video. Become a master of the truths of 3D. Use these fun, easy to use courses to take your understanding and coaching to a whole new level.

Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs – Level 1
In this Test Yourself Workbook, the K-VEST Professional will learn:

1. What each line on the Kinematic Sequence Graph represents.
2. What is measured in a Kinematic Sequence Graph.
3. What to look for in a takeaway sequence.
4. What to look for in a transition sequence.
5. What to look for in the peaking speed sequence.
6. How to evaluate acceleration rates of each body part.
7. How to evaluate deceleration rates of each body part.
8. Determine proper downswing timing for each body part.
9. Determine the effective swing tempo for a player.
10. Optimal velocities for each body part.

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Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs
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