K-TOOL Expert Package


Once your client has developed an efficient movement pattern, the HLM sticks and Orange Whip now allow you to focus on power, ryhthmn, and speed. This package includes everything from the Starter and Advanced Package. The complete list of tools in this package is:

  • 1/2 Foam Roller (Pair)
  • Full Foam Roller
  • Chango Paws
  • Rotational Disk
  • HLM Sticks (Power weighted sticks)
  • Orange Whip Trainer

We’re sorry but this item cannot be purchased internationally through the online store at this time. To order this item outside of the U.S. please contact customer support at +1.603.472.3519 ext. 4015 or [email protected]

Package Contains



K-TOOL Expert Package
3 Month access to K-CAMPUS
4 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS
Ergonomic torso and waist garments
2 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS