Advanced Coaching Workshop Presented by K-Motion with Golf Level 1 Certification

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Venue: Champions Gate Golf Club, Champions Gate, Florida

Date: November 18th and 19th, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day

Join Joe DiChiara, Director of Education at K-MOTION, for an event at Champions Gate, Florida. Joe will be conducting an advanced coaching workshop showing you some best practices on how to better improve your players.

Day 1: Build your knowledge on how golfers learn, how to use technology to accelerate their learning and performance, and actionable strategies to improve your player’s movement and ball flight.

Day 2: Use the knowledge you have built from day 1 and participate in live lesson scenarios. We will create small groups of coaches where we rotate through different student scenarios, create coaching strategies and discuss and share what will improve the player in front of us.

K-Motion Golf Level 1 Certification (Online)

The K-COACH certification program is an accredited education curriculum designed to provide professionals with interactive training on golf's most popular Human Motion Learning System. Designed specifically for golf, fitness, and medical professionals, the program provides interactive training to help maximize an owner's use of the system. The Level 1 program allows new users to get “up and running”, while teaching them how to effectively measure and train a golfer's movement patterns in 3 dimensions.

The program begins with on-demand training videos. Following the Level 1 Certification is the Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs Level 1 course, which covers the basics of measuring and assessing Kinematic Sequence patterns. After completing each section, users will be required to pass a competency test.

K-COACH Level 1 Certification Includes:
• Best practices for K-COACH set up and operation
• Comprehensive education for effectively evaluating swing efficiency (Kinematic Sequence)
• Extensive review of bend, side bend and rotation (pelvis & upper body angles)
• Best practices for using and customizing biofeedback (swing drills/corrective exercises)
• Certificate of Completion & K-COACH Level 1 Certification logo to use in marketing materials

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