Single Plane 3D K-COACH

$6,495.00 one time, and
$295.00 / year with a 15-month free trial

The K-COACH package includes:

  • K-COACH Software
  • 4 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS
  • Class 1 USB Bluetooth adapter
  • Upper body and pelvis garments
  • Upper arm strap
  • Glove sensor clip attachment
  • Convenient charging and carrying case
  • FREE for 15-Months: Membership to The Loop (software updates, live training, 24/7 customer support).  After the initial 15-months, $295 per year.

For more information contact Kevin Brown at 480-272-4313 or [email protected]

The Loop Subscription - Single Plane 3D K-COACH

Membership in The Loop includes:

Live technical support - we are on call when you need us for all your technical questions

Access to K-CAMPUS - a library of resources which contain how-to-use courses and videos that get you started and keep you learning.

All new K-COACH software releases - this year’s releases have already included auto-capture, dynamic NEXT training, and multi swing reporting.

$295.00 / year with a 15-month free trial