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The educational resources represented by K-CAMPUS and our acclaimed certification program are designed to support you from K-VEST beginner status all the way through being a seasoned pro with a thriving business. Below you’ll find descriptions of our free courses and links to their product-specific versions. Each of these courses provides clear and sequential videos to guide you through essential topics at your own pace and convenience. And even if you’re a veteran K-VEST user, you might gain insights into new features and benefits from these courses.
Also from this campus center you can access our informal yet highly engaging Learning Library as well as our premium certification courses.
Learning Library
Here you can browse through our handy "Quick Guide" video collections that will enhance your professional development by helping you get the most out of your system or explaining the science behind KMI products. In addition, you can search, select, and view any of our 140+ step-by-step activity videos that demonstrate popular and effective drills and exercises for golf and fitness.
getting started
Your quick-start e-manual. Learn about computer compatibility issues, and get tech recommendations before even unboxing your system. Then come to understand the basics about your sensors and garments, and how to care for them. We’ll also help you prepare for your software installation call, and provide handy tips throughout.

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Suiting Up
It’s time to power up and suit up—go ahead and position your sensors properly and launch your software, getting your system fully operational. Become fully oriented and confident about interface fundamentals such as the Home Screen and Client Manager. Learn to create and load client profiles so that you’ll be ready for that first session with a live client.

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Capturing Swings & Using Reports
You have plenty of options regarding how to capture swings, which of the resulting data reports you’d like to focus on, and how to start training based upon them. This course covers those options, including how to improve motion learning via animation and video playback, swing summaries, efficiency reports, performance graphs, and more.

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Quick Guide
Training with Activities
This course comprises a series of brief videos on K-VEST 7 essentials related to working with drills and exercises, and using—or creating—programs of collected activities that match client needs. Topics include: activity discovery, activity filtering, preloaded programs, building and launching a new program, customizing activities, and saving programs.
A Preview of Coming Attractions
There’s more to come—we’ll be adding educational resources, both courses and library items, on a regular basis.
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    the certification curriculum
    90% of K-VEST graduates would recommend becoming certified to their peers and plan on taking further courses.
    Learn more about our three levels of certification, including their curricular details, costs, dates, and how to register.

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