K-Motion Baseball Level 1 Certification (Online)



Used by over 23 MLB organizations, K-Baseball’s 3D technology has become one of the most utilized coaching tools at every level. Understanding how to evaluate and train your athletes using 3D technology is crucial for today’s advanced player development and key to earning buy-in from a technologically savvy generation of athletes.

Our highly anticipated level 1 certification is the only online resource that will take you through many concepts, including:

• The Language of 3D and Biomechanics
• An introduction to 3D for baseball
• Assessing The Player in 3D
• Accessing The Big Three Benefits Of Efficiency:bat speed, hitting different pitches and reducing injury risk
• Developing The Player
• Coaching The Player
• Training With Biofeedback

  • Also Included: “How To Operate K-BASEBALL: A Step By Step Guide”  – an additional course that gets users comfortable with how to run the K-BASEBALL system from a technical standpoint

K-Motion Baseball Level 1 Certification (Online)