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K-Campus is the hub of learning for our community. Here you can find everything you need to be successful with K-Motion products. Inside are educational materials on topics ranging from product use to biomechanics to biofeedback training to just about anything that will help our coaches and their students. We understand that 3D and biofeedback technologies are only as good as the coaches using them, which is why our goal is to help coaches and trainers more effectively understand human motion data, while providing practical solutions that efficiently improve performance.
K-Motion currently offers two levels of certification that provide professionals with interactive training to successfully utilize our products. Accredited by the PGA of America, the curriculum is designed to help professionals not only understand biomechanics and 3D motion, but also effectively communicate the information to their players.
Level One
Level One certification includes everything a coach needs to know about our products to successfully work with their students. The course is designed in modules that combine short video lessons with question and answer tutorials. By the end of the course, coaches will develop the knowledge base and understanding they need to successfully measure, understand, coach and train with our products. Topics include how to look at positional data in a swing or movement, how to understand a kinematic sequence chart and how to operate the system. The course is an introduction to the biomechanic principles and technical skills needed to use K-Coach in every lesson.
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Level Two
In this course you will learn how to change movement patterns to change ball flight. It is a course in efficiency, cause and effect. You will learn to use a combination of assessment and biofeedback to help golfers achieve more efficient movement patterns and more optimal ball flight.
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The Kinematic Sequence chart books 1 & 2 are designed as a complete program that teaches coaches to retain, recall and apply the knowledge necessary to read the charts. The course uses the same question and answer format frequently used to teach pilots to read instrument panels and doctors to read x-rays. The courses make reading these charts easy and intuitive.
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