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"The K-Vest gives us the clearest picture of output of the body on the swing... In baseball, we've subjectively taught what a good swing is for 100 years. The bias of that, of what you think a good swing is versus someone else, often times is just aesthetic. This allows us to put some objective numbers to something that's been taught subjectively for a really long time.”
Justin Stone, Biokinematic Hitting Consultant for the Chicago Cubs, to ESPN
What is K-Baseball?
Quickly capture lab quality 3D data anywhere.
Use this data to understand how a player moves in 3D space to create their swing. Possibly for the first time, you’ll really see what each player does with their body to hit their way.
Coach and Train
Powered by your new knowledge, use our patented biofeedback coaching and training tools with your player to communicate and implement the changes you want to make.
Hear From The Experts
Andy McKay
Head of Player Development, Seattle Mariners
“I think the one (technology) I’m most excited about right now is K-Baseball.”
Max Dutto
Hitting Instructor, Driveline Baseball
“K-Baseball is being implemented in player development by MLB teams as a measure to further eliminate the guesswork when developing elite hitters.”
Jason Ochart
Phillies Minor League Hitting Coordinator
"Understanding how the segments of the body interact with one another is critical when coaching hitters. The movement happens so fast that our eyes can deceive us, and that’s why K-Baseball is so valuable. K-Baseball gives us objective kinematic data that we can then use to make our hitters better."
Elevate Your Coaching with Informed Decisions
Three simple steps to delivering faster results for your players
1. Book a Consultation
Speak with one of our Hitting Experts about how to seamlessly integrate K-Baseball into your coaching
2. Become a 3D Hitting Expert
Take our online certification course to become an expert in the biomechanics behind the baseball swing
3. Lead the Industry
Coach And Train With The Most Powerful Data In Baseball
How do I capture the data?
You put the vest, a belt, and an arm strap, all with Velcro pockets that hold sensors on your player. Then you put the fourth sensor inside the player’s batting glove.
Now the player stands tall for a second to calibrate, and then hit balls. As they hit, during live batting practice, off a tee, or even during a game, the wireless sensors automatically capture and transmit the 3D motion data to your computer.
As the player hits, the live 3D data appears on the screen of your computer, so you get real-time data and they get real time feedback.
What Does 3D Data Reveal?
  • An instant understanding of how a player moves, sequences and creates speed/power
  • How to unlock a player’s most efficient and powerful swing
  • The precise coaching program for a player to reach their true potential
Who Uses K-Baseball?
K-Baseball is used by 23 MLB teams, numerous hitting academies, universities, high schools and little leagues. The product has been designed for every coach who wants to help players develop to reach their potential.
What’s Included?
Your K-Baseball includes everything you need to be successful:
Evaluation and assessment: you get a number of tools to visualize the data: an animation playback, real-time numeric tiles that pop up when data is captured, reports that compare what a player does to an average of professional players and, for advanced users, graphs that show the hitting motion over the course of the swing, including the kinematic sequence graph.
Coaching and training: our dynamic biofeedback tools enable you to help your player understand, learn and make permanent swing changes. You can even capture a live swing and have the player train to exactly that swing with our feature called Train Swing.
Education and support: K-MOTION has your back every step of the way. Our team of success specialists will ensure you learn to operate the technology, understand the data and apply it to your coaching. Our first certification course for coaching with K-Baseball is coming soon.
K-Baseball’s 3D Data in Action
Peak Speed Sequence
Peak speed sequence is the order in which the pelvis, torso, lead arm and hand/bat reach their peak angular velocities. Good sequencing generally leads to better energy transfer, which leads to later committal to the ball and better decision making. This allows adjustability in the swing. Poor sequencing leads to early comital to the ball and limited adjustability in the swing. It also limits the amount of energy a player transfers to the ball.
Peak Speeds
Peak speeds indicate the maximum amount of speed created by each body segment. If a segment earlier in the chain underworks, other segments later in the chain generally overwork to compensate. For example, if the pelvis is slow, then the torso or lead arm or hands have to work to catch up or generate bat speed.
Time to Contact
Time to contact measures the amount of time from the first move of the hands in a positive direction (towards the plate) to contact. It is measured in milliseconds. Milliseconds are everything. 30 milliseconds is approximately 5 feet of ball flight on a 90mph fastball. Becoming more efficient allows for better decision making, reduces chase rate and swing miss, and increases the hard hit average.
Rotation is the number of degrees that the pelvis and upper body rotate around the player. Separation is created by rotating the upper body more than the pelvis. This creates a stretch that is a source of speed.
Bend Posture
Bend is the amount of forward bend of the pelvis and upper body. Holding correct bend posture is a major key to excellent bat path and important for maintaining the arc of the swing
Side-Bend Posture
Side bend is the amount of tilt of the pelvis and upper body to the left or the right of the player. Proper side- bend is important for maintaining the arc of the swing.
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