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What is K-Coach?
Quickly capture lab quality 3D data anywhere.
Use this data to understand how a player moves in 3D space to create their swing. Possibly for the first time, you’ll really see what each player does with their body to hit their way.
Coach and Train
Powered by your new knowledge, use our patented biofeedback coaching and training tools with your player to communicate and implement the changes you want to make.
Claude Harmon III
Director of instruction, Butch Harmon Floridian
"Tiles now allows me to get key information faster so I can use it to change movement patterns in less time while improving the overall learning process for the player"
Chuck Cook
Director at Chuck Cook Golf Academies
“The future of golf instruction has arrived. Whether it’s a PGA TOUR winner or a club player, K-MOTION products have allowed me to build on my teaching principles with objective 3D measurement.”
Martin Hall
Host of School of Golf on Golf Channel
"It makes the invisible, visible. It lets you feel what the tour pro's feel"
How do I capture the data?
Put on the vest, a belt, an arm strap, and the hand clip all with Velcro pockets that hold sensors on your player.
Now the player stands tall for a second to calibrate, and then hit balls. As they hit, during live batting practice, off a tee, or even during a game, the wireless sensors automatically capture and transmit the 3D motion data to your computer.
As the player hits, the live 3D data appears on the screen of your computer, so you get real time data and they get real time feedback.
What Does The Data Tell Me?

You will learn how your players move, sequence and create speed or power. There is no one swing for every player, so you will learn about the efficiency of each player’s unique swing. You will also discover ways that you could improve it. The changes players make that lead to dramatic improvement are often as small as a tiny adjustment to the bend of their torso.

Who Uses K-COACH?
K-COACH is used by over 50 of the Top-100 Coaches on Golf Magazine's Top-100 list, numerous golf academies, universities, high schools and juniors. The product has been designed for every coach who wants to help players develop to reach their potential.
Elevate Your Coaching with Informed Decisions
Three simple steps to delivering faster results for your players
1. Book a Consultation
Speak with one of our Swing Experts about how to seamlessly integrate K-COACH into your coaching.
2. Become a 3D Hitting Expert
Take our online certification course to become an expert in the biomechanics behind the golf swing.
3. Lead the Industry
Coach and train with the most powerful data in golf.
What Are Some Examples Of The Player Development Data In K-COACH?
Transition Sequence
Transition sequence is the order in which the pelvis, upper body, lead arm and hand change direction as they go from swinging away from the golf ball to swinging towards it. It’s the sequence that determines how efficiently energy is transferred from the body out to the club. The better the transition sequence, the better the energy transfer.
Peak Speed Sequence
The peak speed sequence is the order in which, during the downswing, the pelvis, upper body, lead arm and hand reach maximum rotational velocity. This sequence enables a player to magnify the amount of energy transferred from each body segment to the golf club. A good peak speed sequence maximizes results for efforts.
Peak Speeds
Peak speeds are the maximum quantities of rotational velocities of the pelvis, the upper body, the lead arm and the hand during the downswing. When you see peak speeds, you’ll understand where to create speed in the golf swing. If all else being equal, a player who creates higher peak speed hits the ball further.
Bend is the amount of forward bend of the pelvis and upper body. Controlling forward bends enables stability throughout the swing. Want to move efficiently? Create good forward bend.
Side Bend
Side bend is the amount of tilt of the pelvis and upper body to the left or the right of the player. At the top of the back swing, proper side bend enables the player to leverage the ground to create club head speed. Side bend is among the most under-appreciated aspects of an efficient swing.
Rotation is the number of degrees that the pelvis and upper body rotate around the player. Separation is created by rotating the upper body more than the pelvis. This creates a stretch that is a source of speed. Rotation at address is often overlooked, despite it being the key determinant of a player’s alignment.
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