For the first time in golf history, 3D swing data is now available to everyone. Previously, this complex, game changing information had only been accessible to those with a deep understanding of biomechanics and the ability to interpret kinematic sequence graphs.

The new K-Coach Evaluation tool takes that complex data and translates it into easy-to-understand scores and visuals, so every coach and every player can now put the power of 3D to work and say, "now I understand!"

Whether you're indoors or out on the driving range, the process takes only a few minutes...
DISCOVER THE GAME-CHANGING Swing information you've never been able to access
See everything inside the new K-Coach Evaluation
Enhance your Instruction
With the power of K-coach Evaluation in your hand
See What’s Really Happening
Provides a clear, data-driven understanding of the player’s swing.
Make it Easy to Understand
Clearly show the player how they swing and the immediate path to their best golf.
Fix What Needs Fixing Now
Instantly pinpoints the most impactful change you can help your player make to hit it better.
Measure, Track and Show Progress
Create a benchmark for the player by providing them with a quantitative swing progress tool to compare their swing over time.
Your business will grow
  • Enhance your personal coaching brand with objective 3D swing data.
  • Sell the K-Coach Evaluation as a stand-alone product, providing a great entry point for new customers.
  • Use the Evaluation to attract players, teach lessons and retain players.
  • Develop and sell player development packages, so you can turn one-time lessons into lesson packages and lesson packages into long-term programs.
New to 3D?
The K-Coach Evaluation serves the ideal entry point to data-driven instruction.
Familiar with 3D?
The K-Coach Evaluation speeds up your swing analysis.
Expert in 3D?
The K-Coach Evaluation increases player understanding and buy-in. Use it track progress, while still using kinematic sequence graphs and reports to dive into the swing.
Better results for your players and your business!
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See what you will find
Inside the K-Coach evaluation tool
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Club comparison
  • Shot comparison
  • Overview page with comments and next steps for players
  • Speed creation and consistency scores
  • Swing characteristic identification, including S-Posture, C-Posture, Reverse Spine Angle, Flat Shoulders, Spinning / Over-Rotated
  • Consistency of wrists, pelvis and upper body at key points in the swing, including address, top and impact
  • Efficiency of movement pattern and the body segments, including upper body, pelvis and wrists throughout the swing
  • Segmental speed creation
  • Transition and peak speed sequence
  • Tempo and timing
  • Swing Comparison (Your Player vs. Tour Players, You Player vs. Their Peer Group, Your Player vs. Their Best Swing)
  • And much, much more

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