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“I could not imagine running a practice without K-Coach. My patients just love the process and the results are amazing.”
Dr. Mike Voight - Professor, Belmont University
What is K-COACH?
The 3D measurement, assessment and training technology that helps fitness and medical professionals improve client outcomes and creates new revenue streams.
What is the process for using K-Coach in my practice?
Measure: See what the eye can't see with better, more accurate 3D data
Diagnose: Better identify the problem with reports and graphs that help you pinpoint the root causes. Machine learning assistance helps you identify what you need to see to make the correct diagnosis.
Prescribe: Establish the right treatment program with reports and a library of pre-built corrective exercises and programs.
Treat: Deliver the treatment plan through biofeedback training to ensure every rep is done correctly and counted.
Train: On-site and at home, your patient rehabs better and faster.
"Make the right diagnosis. Period. For me, K-Coach is a great way to collect the data and understand the athlete.”
Dr. Greg Rose - Co-founder, Titleist Performance Institute
How can K-Coach help my business?
Streamline Evaluating: Fast end-to-end evaluation process.
Expand Your Reach: With biofeedback training, everyone in the facility can implement their plans with light supervision or even on their own.
Build Your Brand: Establish yourself at the forefront of the movement that is transforming sports-related rehabilitation and athletic training.
Increase Rates: 3D measurement and biofeedback training add value to your services that you can build into your rates.
What is the process for using K-Coach in my practice?
Easy to capture data
Takes less than two minutes to go from unpacking the system to capturing swings or evaluating range of motion
Easy to create evaluation reports and assess players
Reports launch immediately after data capture and export to pdf with a click of a button
Easy to learn
Online education platform takes you step-by-step to learn to operate, weekly emails keep you learning and live support is available when you have questions.
Why is 3D Data Valuable
Right now, your physical screens are only revealing half the story. By adding 3D movement data, you can see beyond what your eyes are telling you and get right to the root cause. It is the complete client profile.
"There is nothing worse than a great exercise performed incorrectly. With K-MOTION, I know that my clients will perform the exercise exactly the way I intended it to be performed.”
Jason Glass - Head of TPI Fitness Advisory Board
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