Load the Links – Liam Mucklow Webinar Series


Load the Links will show golf coaches how Liam blends 3D motion analysis, golf technical, and physical performance to help golfers achieve maximum distance. Training golfers to hit the ball farther is an elusive skill set in the industry today. Liam has spent the last 15 years studying everything from Impact Geometry, Golf Club design, 3D motion analysis, Physical Capacity, and Physical Competency in an effort to crack the code of increasing power. The information in Load the Links will give you proven techniques to manifest positive change using a wide array training methods, both technical and physical.

July 20                         Video 1 – Available for Download

July 27 (6pm EDT)      Live Webinar – Video 1 – Q&A

July 29                         Video 2 – Available for Download

Aug 4 (6pm EDT)         Live Webinar – Video 2 – Q&A

Aug 10 (6pm EDT)       Live Webinar – Practical Applications

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Load the Links – Liam Mucklow Webinar Series
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