K-MOTION Level 1 Baseball Certification

Unlock Your Coaching Potential, Improve Player Performance
“In Baseball Level I you will learn to improve player performance. You will develop knowledge that enables you to get to the root causes of speed and efficiency drains in hitters and then to apply that knowledge to create player-specific action plans. The K-Baseball certification program gives you what you need to join the movement that is shaping the future of player development in baseball.”
Justin Stone - President, Elite Baseball Training, Biokinematic hitting consultant of the Chicago Cubs, and lead instructor for K-Motion Level I Baseball Certification
About The Course
K-MOTION Level 1 Baseball is a practical course that teaches you to measure, assess, coach and train hitters with the benefit of 3D technology and biomechanical knowledge.
The course is written for a broad audience and assumes no previous knowledge.

Topics Covered Include:

3D and Biomechanics Explained
The language of player performance
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An Introduction to 3D for Baseball
The concepts that are changing how coaches think about players
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Assessing a Player in 3D
How to apply the language and the concepts to evaluate hitters
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The Big Three Benefits of Efficiency
Bat speed, hitting different pitches and reducing injury risk
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Developing a Player
Creating optimal short-term and long-term improvement plans
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Coaching a Player
Using your knowledge to improve your hitters
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How It Works

  • The course takes approximately 3 – 4 hours to complete. It is divided into short modules that last approximately 20 minutes each.
  • Each module consists of a video and 3-5 questions that that are designed to enhance your understanding of what you have learned from the videos.
  • You can take the course in one sitting or take individual modules over a period of time.
  • After you complete the course, you will be Level One Certified.
  • After you register, you will be given a password to the course. Each password is valid for one user.

How To Register
Taught by Chicago Cub’s Biomechanical Consultant and Elite Baseball President Justin Stone
K-Baseball Level 1 Certification costs $295

K-Baseball Level 1 Certification is available now.
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