The Loop Subscription – K-COACH and K-PLAYER

$595.00 Sign-up Fee and $55.00/mo after 1 year

The Loop Subscription – K-COACH/K-PLAYER provides current customers with 12 months of unlimited access to receive all major and minor software upgrades for both systems. Additionally, The Loop extends ongoing customer technical support. The Loop allows the K-COACH software to be installed on 2 computers concurrently and the K-PLAYER software to be installed on 2 computers concurrently.

What You Get:
• Annual K-COACH and K-PLAYER Software Upgrades (Minimum of 3 upgrades per year)
• Unlimited Access to K-CAMPUS Educational Website, including the Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs Courses, for 12 Months
• Remote Based Customer Service
• Live coaching from our new customer success representative
• Weekly emails and videos

See exactly how this easy-to-use breakthrough software can help you use your K-COACH more effectively with players and athletes.

Have multiple K-MOTION systems?
Contact your sales rep for bulk pricing – 603.472.3519 option 1


The Loop Subscription – K-COACH and K-PLAYER
3 Month access to K-CAMPUS
4 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS
Ergonomic torso and waist garments
2 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS