K-VEST for Fitness Professionals

Fitness Pro Using K-VESTWe couldn’t say it any better. And actually, we’d go further: there’s nothing better than training fitness and movement with K-VEST. By using the framework below, you’ll get better outcomes for your clients.

This is how the process works:

All you have to do is “Measure then A.C.T.”

Measure:  You place K-VEST sensors on your clients with an easy-to-use vest, belt and glove. You then have your clients make movements or golf swings, and K-VEST software captures them. Now you can have your clients take the fitness evaluation that’s built right into K-VEST.

Assess:  K-VEST software displays your clients’ data in easy-to-read reports that help you design programs to optimize athletic performance. You can build your own drills or choose from the 150+ we provide. With a push of a button, your program is loaded into K-VEST, and you and your clients are ready to go.

Coach:  With K-VEST biofeedback, helping clients learn to perform the drills exactly the way you intend them to is super-easy. A combination of visual and auditory cues guides your clients to feel the right muscles making the right movements.

Train:  Now that you’ve coached your clients on the drills, they can train your program in the K-VEST. They’ll have live biofeedback on every rep of every set of every program. And, if you want, the reps will be counted only if done the way you meant them to be performed.

Fitness Program SoftwareIn fact, supporting how you work with clients and run your business is a K-VEST priority.

So whether you want to measure, assess, coach, or train, or do them all in one continuous learning loop, your training sessions will never be the same.

Yep, that’s right. You never knew you needed a human motion learning system, but now you probably feel like you can’t live without one…

K-VEST Human Motion Learning Systems. Training proper, efficient motion, and helping athletes optimize performance is what you love to do. We get that. We do, too.