For Players

Swing Tools for GolfersAre you ready to hit the ball farther and more consistently?

Are you ready to get more out of your lessons and practice sessions?

Are you ready to develop the golf game that will deliver the results you’ve always wanted?

And what if we told you, you could have a blast while doing it?

K-VEST makes all this possible.

K-VEST is the world’s first human motion learning system for golf. Using the most advanced technologies in sensors, software, and motor learning, you’ll be able to build a customized golf swing for yourself, learn that swing, and make it perfectly permanent.

This is how the process works: you and a K-VEST golf pro work together to “Measure then A.C.T.”

Measure:  Your golf professional places K-VEST sensors on you with an easy-to-use vest, belt and glove. You then make golf swings, and the K-VEST software captures them.

Assess:  With the assistance of the K-VEST software, your pro uses the captured data to plan a new or improved swing for you. It then helps build you easy, enjoyable coaching and training programs.

Coach: Now you and your coach use the biofeedback program built into K-VEST to help you learn your new swing. A combination of visual and auditory feedback cues you to use the right muscles to make the right movements. All you have to do is follow the music and changing colors in the representation of you on the computer screen. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to learn the new swing and how well you hit the ball.

Train:  Once you have your new swing, the fun has just begun. Either with your coach or on your own, you can now use the training programs built for you in the K-VEST or K-PLAYER software to make the new swing permanent.

Player Activity Builder TrainerAnd the great thing is, you’ll never be alone since you’ll always have the biofeedback with you. The software contains everything you need to train the new swing.

In addition to the movements of your new swing, training programs can draw from the extensive library of drills inside the K-VEST software. These can help build the basic movement patterns, strength, speed, balance, and flexibility that will support your swing. We like to say, “Practice makes permanent, perfect practice makes perfect, and K-VEST makes perfect practice.”

In short, K-VEST gives you access to world-class biomechanics and biofeedback.

That means you’ll learn faster, better, and have more fun. Welcome to K-VEST’s human motion learning systems for golf, K-VEST and K-PLAYER.