Don Parsons 5-Part Webinar Series


This Don Parsons webinar is designed for K-VEST customers looking to further their education on 3D technology. Topics for this 5-Part webinar series include:

  1. The Kinematic Sequence: Moving Beyond the Model
  2. A Deeper Look at Common Graph Anomalies and Causes
  3. Interesting Relationships in 3D Graphs
  4. Using Ground Force to Influence Body Motion
  5. Case Study: Overcoming Poor Coaching

Please Note: This 5-part webinar series has been previously recorded and is still available for download. A link to download the entire 5-part series will be emailed within 24 hours after purchase.


Don Parsons 5-Part Webinar Series
3 Month access to K-CAMPUS
4 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS
Ergonomic torso and waist garments
2 rechargeable Bluetooth K-SENSORS