The Loop Subscription – K-COACH

$495.00 Sign-up Fee and $45.00/mo after 1 year

Membership in The Loop includes:

K-COACH Software: Receive the latest version now.

Smart Tiles: Instantly see 3D body and wrist data on the screen after every swing. Colored tiles allow you to stop guessing and start improving.

Launch Monitor Tiles: Seamlessly compare body, wrist and swing data all on one screen to see golf’s clearest picture of the body-swing connection.
Enhanced Bluetooth Tool: Keep your sensors connected so you can be reliably up and running all the time.

Ongoing K-COACH software releases: continue to receive software updates as they are released.

Live customer success sessions: Schedule online training sessions with a member of our team to learn how to best utilize your new software.

Live technical support: we are on call when you need us for all your technical questions.

Access to K-CAMPUS: a library of resources, including coaching, as well as how-to-use courses and videos that get you started and keep you learning.

Certification Refresh/Auditing: Enjoy the benefit of re-attending a current certification course at no cost if you have paid for that course in the past. This benefit is only available to Loop members.

This product is available for current owners who already possess a valid license to K-COACH and would like to renew or reenroll . If you are a current K-BASEBALL owner and would like to add the golf software to your existing platform, please contact sales at [email protected], +1.603.472.3519 option 1. If you are purchasing a system from another owner and need to transfer their license to yourself, please find our License Transfer options here.


The Loop Subscription – K-COACH