Category: Injury Prevention

Biomechanics in Action: The Importance of Side-Bending at the Top of the Swing

By Chris Poulin Attaining Effective Sidebend Ranges Among the golf professionals with whom I’ve worked, it’s widely accepted that there needs to be some side-bending of the upper body at the top of the backswing. But why? Without side-bending the…

Hit Farther with a Firm Left Side

by Chris Poulin Why Golf is More Difficult for Right-handers One of the most epidemic movement dysfunctions in golf is the inability of right-handed players to rotate around their lead hip. The lack of proper left hip position can lead to…

K-VEST Plays Role in Amazing MLB Comeback

When Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman blew out his ACL during spring training this year, nobody expected him to be back this season… except Marcus himself. Stroman’s rehab took six months (three to four months fewer than the average), and was aided by a…


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